Claw through the Clutter

Jaguar Creative Audio's featured Automotive Campaigns

Looking for ideas for your automotive advertising campaign?  Check out our "Spot of the Month" featuring topical, seasonal, or corporate promotional themes. A Jaguar takes his "spots" very seriously... and we have lots of spots that drive traffic to your dealership!


Here's a fun :30 radio spot featuring a South Dakota Ford Dealer.  They kicked off the New Year with a family 5 pack rodeo ticket giveaway.


This spot is urging customers to use their tax refund to buy their next vehicle.  The dealership will double the tax refund!


Here's a spot we produced for Louisville KY.  It fires up the audience for Spring sale deals!


This ad features the Nissan Spring Price Break Campaign in Gallup, New Mexico.


This features a GMC/Kia combo offering a Pre Memorial Day Sale in Salem, NC.


Here is a 60 second radio spot that we produced for West Virginia.  It is part of Ford's Summer Spectacular Campaign


Here is a catchy :30 second ad using a jingle to move the metal!!! in Gulfport, Mississippi.


This is a 60 second radio spot that features rugged sound effects to create a tough truck spot in Arizona.


Here is a 60 second Labor Day radio commercial we did for the #1 Toyota dealer in Arizona.


This is a 30 second spot done for a Halloween campaign in the Midwest.


November means Black Friday deals! Here's a 60 radio spot featuring some hot end of the year discounts.


This is a 30 TV spot done for Skinner & Damulis's "Dream Big Ford Sales Event."